The Parinirvana of
Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen Rinpoche

Auspicious Signs at Lotus Garden, USA

Coinciding with the final day's ceremonies at Mindrolling Monastery, numerous auspicious signs appeared in the early afternoon at Pema Gatsal, Lotus Garden Retreat Center, in Virginia, USA.

Unusual cloud formations seen over Pema Gatsal

On the 49th day, highly unsual cloud formations such as this vertical display appeared for about 30 minutes over Pema Gatsal. Photo credit: Melanie Kaiser ©2008

Residents of the center reported incredible cloud formations and circular rainbows around the sun with birds circling high in the sky.

Rainbow around the sun with birds

A distinct rainbow appeared around the sun while large birds soared back and forth overhead. Photo credit: Melanie Kaiser ©2008

We pray that Kyabje Rinpoche's blessings continue to benefit students of the Mindrolling lineage all over the world and aspire to always serve Kyabje Rinpoche's vision.

Rainbow around the sun at Pema Gatsal

Another view of the rainbow around the sun and unusual light effects. Photo credit: Melanie Kaiser ©2008