The Parinirvana of
Kyabje Mindrolling Trichen Rinpoche

Vast Offerings to the Kudung

After the Kudung of Kyabje Minling Trichen was brought into the shrine room at Ngedön Gatsal Ling, it was placed in the centre, where vast offerings were made to the Kudung, including one thousand arrays of the outer offerings and countless arrangements of flowers which filled the space.

The Kudung rests in the centre of the main shrineroom at Mindrolling. Photo credit: Lama Phuntsok Namgyal ©2008












When the offerings had been arranged, Sixteen Pawos offered the ritual dance of Garcham to the Kudung. After this, the various gathered Rinpoches offered khatags to the Kudung.

Pawo dancers enter the main shrineroom to offer a ritual dance. Photo credit: Lama Phuntsok Namgyal ©2008