The Rinchen Terdzod Empowerments

Gratitude to the Managers of Mindrolling

There are four hard working and extremely dedicated heads of administration, the Managers (gnyer pa) of Mindrolling — Lama Riga la, Lama Pema Namgyal, Lama Phuntsog Namgyal and Lama Kunzang Namgyal. They have worked with great devotion and dedicated service to help make Mindrolling in India what it is today.

In particular, they work tirelessly for the Terdzöd, organizing every aspect of the program from registration to food, hospitality, public relations, permits, finance, housing, maintenance, etc. It is through their efforts that Mindrolling is able to organize this momentous event.

Lama Riga la and Lama Pema Namgyal

Photo credit: Lama Pema Namgyal and Lama Riga la
©2009 Mindrolling International

Lama Phuntsog Namgyal

Photo credit: Lama Phuntsog Namgyal ©2009 Mindrolling International

Lama Kunzang Namgyal

Photo credit: Lama Kunzang Namgyal ©2009 Mindrolling International

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