Mindrolling Retreat 2012 with
HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 18 February 2012

A Tour of Mindrolling Monastery

Then Rinpoche and Jetsün la personally guided the participants on a tour of the monastery spending the afternoon giving extensive explanations on the Stupa, the beautiful murals and the various shrine rooms. The tour coincided with the conclusion of the Eight Heruka Drubchö performed each year by the monks of the monastery and the retreatants were able to witness the cham (ritual dance) and the ritual burning of the Zor (torma) as part of the dispelling all obstacles ritual.

Participants on a guided tour of the monastery.

The group gathers in front of the World Peace Stupa to learn of the various aspects and symbolic meaning of a Stupa.

Rinpoche with Jetsünla explaining many details of the Stupa and its meaning.


Ani Chönyid Chödrön, Zuzana Dankova and Melanie Kaiser, coordinators and staff for the retreat, conferring during the tour.


Rinpoche and Jetsünla introduce Lama Khenrab, who worked tirelessly during the retreat in numerous aspects.


Jetsünla provided detailed explanations on the many murals of the stupa shrine rooms.


Jestünla explaining the details of the great mandala inside the Lineage Shrine Room.


Photo Credits: ©2012 Mindrolling International

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