Mindrolling Retreat 2012 with
HE Mindrolling Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published on: 18 February 2012

A True Coming Together

The program also had some 'special guests' during some of the group sessions in the Stupa. The participants were joined in their morning session by many of the youngest monks of Mindrolling. They recited the prayers with all the participants and even joined in the meditation session.

The younger monks joined the morning meditation session.

On the final session of the program, Sangyum Kushog, Jetsünla and Britton Bosarge joined the session.


The retreat was made possible through the hard work and diligence of many people, especially the monks of Mindrolling, nuns of Samten Tse and the western staff. Everyone attending the retreat program were greatly overjoyed to be in Mindrolling and grateful to be a part of something so inspiring and invaluable. Every participant returned to his or her home with renewed joy and enthusiasm in practicing the precious Buddhadharma and made many aspirations to return again and again within the sacred environment of Og Min Ogyen Mindrolling.

The final day of the program in the Shakyamuni Buddha Shrineroom.

It was a moving and harmonious last session.

All the participants of the 2012 Mindrolling Retreat led by Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche.

All photos ©2012 Mindrolling International

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