News from Mindrolling Monastery

Prepared by: Mindrolling International News Staff
Published: 5 April 2012

The Siddhi Doong Drub

The annual Vajra Guru Mantra accumulation practice was held at Mindrolling from the 15th of March until the 2nd of April 2012.

This Doong drub is organized at Mindrolling where all the lay people of the Dondrub Ling Tibetan Colony as well as lay Tibetans from all nearby Tibetan Settlements gather to practice the Padmasambhava practice and collectively accumulate 100 million Vajra Guru Mantra.

Hundreds of women and men enthusiastically gathered in the large shrine room called the Doong drub lhakhang from 4.30am until late at night to practice and recite the mantra of Guru Rinpoche as a community. Ven. Khenpo Thekchog Gyaltsen led the practice sessions as well as gave teachings each day.

The Tibetan lay community practices diligently.


Opening of New Tibetan Medicine Clinic at Mindrolling

With the vision of providing a good medical facility of Tibetan medicine for the community, a fully equipped clinic was inaugurated at Mindrolling on the 1st of April 2012.

The formal opening of this facility which consists of a full time Tibetan doctor, an assistant skilled in giving the prescribed medicine and an accomplished astrologer was conducted on the 1st of April by HE Khenchen Rinpoche, The Chief Justice of Uttarakhand of the Tibetan Government in Exile - Mr. Tenzin Lhundrub, the Tibetan Welfare Officers for Dehra Dun Area -Mr. Gyaltsen la, the secretary of the Central Tibetan Astro Physics Institute -Dr. Tsering Phuntsog, the resident Tibetan physicians of Rajpur and Dekyi Ling and other eminent guests.

We hope this Tibetan medicine facility will help the thousands of Tibetans as well as other community members living within this region in receiving good medical care.

Dr. Tsewang Rinzin of the new Tibetan Medicine Clinic at Mindrolling.

The fully stocked medicine room.

The assistant to the clinic who helps administer Tibetan medicines.

Photo Credits: ©2012 Mindrolling International

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