The Rinchen Terdzod Empowerments

Gratitude to the Senior Tulkus of Mindrolling

Each day as Kyabje Tsetrul Rinpoche bestows the many empowerments, the six senior Tulkus of Mindrolling receive the empowerment and then facilitate the bestowing of the abhisheka implements upon the gathered assembly of senior rinpoches, tulkus and khenpos. Then, together with other teachers, at the end of the day's empowerments, they bestow the (wangdrim) blessings of the empowerment to the thousands of gathered sangha members.

Mindrolling's six senior tulkus

Photo credit: Ven. Tulku Lhundrub Tengay, Ven. Tulku Jurme Jampal Wangpo,Ven. Tulku Jurme Yeshe Dorje, Ven. Tulku Jurme Lhundrub Phelgay, Ven. Tulku Lozang Chöphel, Ven. Tulku Ugyen Lhundrub
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