Visitor Information


Permission to Visit

Due to the contemplative, scholarly, and religious activities taking place continuously at Mindrolling and Samten Tse, it is requested that you contact us in advance of a visit during which you plan an overnight or extended stay.

Day time visits to the Great Stupa need not be arranged in advance. The Stupa is open everyday of the week beginning at 9:00 AM.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Facts About Dehra Dun

Area: 37.17 sq km
Altitude: 695 meters
Population: 270,159
Languages: Hindi & English
Religion: Hindus (85.29%), Muslims (9.63%), Christians (0.87%),
Sikhs (2.97%), Buddhists (0.81%), Others (0.03%)
Annual Mean Rainfal:l 2136.7 mm per annum
Maximum Temperature: 27.7°C
Minimum Temperature: 14.6°C

Location of Dehra Dun

Map Credit: Perry Casteneda Map Collection, Univ. of Texas

Photo: Taxi (B. Spielman)